Student Comments

“As a trainer, you were very detailed, clear, and  you were able to make sure that you get everyone focused on your discussion. You were able to make it easy for us to understand the topics and learn quickly. You were also very approachable, which is very important.”

— Dave from PHP


“I've been trained with different trainers before but Kim for me was the best. Her smile. That's first thing I noticed in her and it's so contagious. Because of that everything follows: a fun filled day with full of learnings, respect and the feeling of excitement for the next day activities. She was super fun to be with. I've learned a lot from her. Thank you Kim for all the lessons that I've learned from you ”

— Yennee from PHP


“As a trainer, you were one of the best. Communication skills were great we didn’t have any difficulties understanding what you were trying to relay. Made the training very engaging by giving activities not only to check understanding but also insert a little fun. Time bound which only means you are a pro. Walked the talk by showing how it’s done on the job which boosted our morale especially when all of us were scared to try. Lastly, very easy to approach or welcoming questions which made us feel you’re not only a trainer but a friend.”

— Rob from PHP

“ I was so comfortable with you cause you handled the training crystal clear. You are approachable all the time and always encouraged everyone that we can do it. With that positive attitude it gave us more courage that everything is possible.”

— Aileen from PHP

"Kim did an awesome job as our trainer. She took the time making sure we understand every aspect and welcomes our questions. She made sure to check for our understanding in a way that we dont feel intimidated. Most of all, Kim has a bubbly personality thus it was a lot easier to learn."  

— Toni from PHP

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